Free Online Flashlight is the best way to use your computer, phone, or laptop as a flashlight or light. It uses your computer's screen on it's brightest setting to produce a less intense, soft light to set a mood or glow. To turn on the flashlight, click the On button below or the light bulb image above it. Read on to learn the benefits of using an online light vs. a physical flashlight.

Which activities are best for an online flashlight?

Reading light
This online light is great to produce enough light to read by without turning on all the lights in the room. This can be very useful if your roommates or family are trying to sleep while you read. The light is enough for reading, but won't disturb others in your area.

Night light
Use this tool to illuminate an area with a small amount of light when it's time to sleep.

Easily accessible flashlight
Real flashlights are usually stored away in closets and drawers. As such, they aren't quickly available when you need them. On the other hand, everyone carries a smartphone or other device on them. So, if you just need a little light very quickly, Free Online Flashlight will be great.

Illumination board
If you need to produce a bright, white backlight to see other objects in greater detail, this tool can help. For example, if you have photo slides to look at, you need a white light to show them. Just hold up the slide to this tool to see it.

Why use an online light?

Choose the best type of light source for the activity you're trying to accomplish. Not every type of light is the best type of light for every task. For example, almost all real, physical flashlights produce intense light that is very bright and tightly focused onto a small area. Sometimes this light is too bright! For example, if you wake up in the middle of the night and want to walk to the bathroom or kitchen without waking up too much, you wouldn't want the intense light of a flashlight or the flooding light of a lamp. Both of these types of lights would cause you to wake up due to their brightness. In these cases, it's much better to have a soft glow light. Sometimes this can be accomplished by having a night light plug into the wall. But what happens when you don't have night lights handy?

Free Online Flashlight excels in these types of situations. Most people have their phone or a laptop close by their beds and can easily activate it to produce a soft glow using the natural light of their device's screen.


How do I start the online flashlight?

To turn the light on, click the button titled "Turn On Light"


Can I use my built-in smartphone camera flash as the flashlight?

Currently, it is not possible for to turn on your camera's physical flash. This is a greatly requested feature, and we are eager to implement support. Once there is an HTML5 API to access your phone's physical flash, we will add the feature right away.


How do I make the flashlight brighter?

First, ensure that you turn on the light page. After you are on the light page, then you can increase and decrease the brightness of the light by using your computer or phone's brightness controls. Here are some ways to change the brightness for popular operating systems:


  • The brightness controls are on your computer's keyboard.
  • Press the F2 key to increase brightness.
  • Press the F1 key to decrease brightness.


  • The brightness controls for Windows computers vary depending on which manufacturer makes your laptop or desktop monitor. Here is a good article on adjusting brightness in Windows 8.


  • Android brightness controls can be found in in Settings > Display > Brightness.


  • iOS brightness controls can be found in Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness.